"Exactness in little things is a
wonderful source of cheerfulnes"

- Frederick Faber

Nature is a master architect. Everything it creates, it integrates low entropy and high efficiency in its core design. This functional superiority in natural systems is the reason why humans draw knowledge from it and transform into marvelous inventions.

We are no different. Nature is a source of our inspiration too, and we design systems and processes that keep entropy to a low level. By serendipity, we happen to serve the healthcare universe, where love is labor and labor is love.

Democratize healthcare through innovation. Power to the people. We believe in putting people in the driver seat for a healthy journey on this planet.

Offer advanced tools and services to enable quality care at affordable cost.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. A core component of healthcare is laboratory testing. We will transform how laboratories function through the creative destruction of age-old processes. By increasing efficiency and scalability of laboratories, we will enable faster, cheaper, and high and higher quality result delivery to the patients.

We need to treat every sample coming in the lab as one belonging to our close family member - son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, sister or parents. And with that thought in mind, work and analyze the sample. Give the same tenacity and effort that you will give to your own family member's sample.


At Healthbit.ai, we believe in adopting innovative tech tools to improvise inefficient processes in healthcare. We are a team of physicians and scientists who love exploring and experimenting with the latest advancements in computer science.

Whether it is process automation through scripting, data science applications using machine learning or developing cloud-based processes, our vision is limitless. When we are not involved in the direct patient care, we are coding and strategizing.

Want to enhance patient experience with the adoption of modern tools? We can help! Because we have already done it!


Consultant CLIA Laboratory Director

Start a new clinical laboratory - concept to commercialization

Strategic planning

Lab process management and automation App

Cloud-based bioinformatics pipelines

Data science - algorithms and visualization

System health check tool for lab ops

Regulatory guidance for CAP, CLIA and NY state compliance

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Create inspection ready paperless lab processes

Decrease sample failure rate to < 2%

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About Us

The Healthbit.ai team is comprised of enthusiastic members who have domain expertise in the fields like genomic medicine, machine learning, variant curation, bioinformatics, automation, project management, mathematics, and computer science. The dream to positively disrupt the healthcare sector is what unites them.

The founder, Nilesh Dharajiya, MD; is an enthusiastic seasoned professional with a background in medicine and basic science. A techie at heart, he utilizes the latest developments in computer science and technology industry to solve problems that plague day to day operations in clinical labs. His illustrious career includes training in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at the University of California San Diego and specialized training in Molecular Genetic Pathology at the prestigious Stanford University.

A disruptive thinker and strong believer of creative destruction of medicine, he joined the innovative team at the Sequenom Laboratories and played a significant role in transforming prenatal care through Noninvasive Prenatal Testing. This cell-free fetal DNA based test quickly became the "standard of care" in the field of Obstetrics. His vast experience (reviewing over 172,000 clinical cases) and attention to details resulted in adventitious detection of maternal cancer through noninvasive prenatal testing. This remarkable discovery led to life-saving clinical management steps in a patient.

Nilesh championed change initiatives at Pathway Genomics, a consumer-centric genomics company located in San Diego. His vision of applying the latest tools and automation scripts increased productivity and efficiency leading to improved quality and increased ROI.

With this expertise, Nilesh is on a mission to help labs create processes that weave best of medicine, basic science, and computer science in the core foundation of the assay design. Through this effort, he is striving to enrich millions of lives.

Apart from being a physician, scientist, and a proud nerd, he enjoys hiking, adventure sports, gardening and is a blissful beneficiary of his wife's culinary expertise.